Gallant Rose

The Best Merchant Inn located in Reka the Gallant Rose is owned by Niland the Fair a retired adventure.  He is an exiled Blood Elf Cavalryman of some fame.  He used to ride with the Bloodied Rose Adventuring Company.


The Gallant Rose has twelve private rooms available for rent.  Ten of them will hold two human sized occupants each.  Two of them are outfitted to comfortably fit two troll or obsidiman sized occupants.  All rooms include a bath.

Daily Weekly
5 sp 30 sp


Services Price
Laundry (per load) 1 cp
Grain & Stabling for horse (daily) 5
Grain & Stabling for other mounts (daily) 8
Food Price
Fresh Fruit, Meat & Cheese Plate 3 cp
Eggs, Ham & Biscuits 3
Eggs, Bacon & Biscuits 3
Spiced Porridge with Honey & Bread 3 cp
Spiced Porridge with Honey & Bread Troll size 5 cp
Pancakes, Eggs & Bacon 3
Venison Stew, Bread & Cheese 3
Adventurer's Feast 50
Cherry Pie (slice) 1 cp
Peach Pie (slice) 1 cp
Black Tea, Sweet Breads & Jam 1
Drink Price
Cider (pint) 5 cp
Perry (pint) 5 cp
Elderberry Wine (bottle) 5
Wine Local Vintage (bottle) 5 cp
Mead (pint) 1
Black Rock Stout (pint) 2
Panache (Ale & Lemonade, pint) 1


Gallant Rose

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