Grey and Sons Bespoke Tailors

This clothing and shoe shop is owned by Greyson Othdrenaras.  He runs it with the help of his wife, two sons and their wives.  It is a crowded yet organized space with many bolts of cloth, stacks of leather, tools and various patterns and examples of their work scattered thru out the shop.

All of the stores wares are hand made for each customer on a commission basis.  They do not stock anything as they are not a general goods store.  However their quality is high and service efficient.  Each piece they make is custom made to fit the customer and they  can make any single article of clothing, pair of boots or shoes the same day.  They can create a custom made single coordinated outfit in a week.  Greyson uses his Wardrobe and Style skill to help his customers pick the best fabrics, patterns and style to fit their build, sense of style or profession.

He has had many notable adventurers purchase clothing from his shop.

The shop is also capable of producing the following common magic items.

Boots, Dry

Boots, Huntsman's

Cloak, Dwarf Winternight

Cloak, Warm

Elfweave Robe

One-size Hat

Quiet Finger Gloves

Quiet Pouch

Grey and Sons Bespoke Tailors

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